Michael Good is an American institution, known equally for his life’s work as a sculptor and jeweler as well as his passion to teach and share his art.  Good was first taught elementary jewelry making techniques by a sculptor for whom he worked with in New York City. For the next ten years, he would continue making jewelry by invention, experimentation and through lessons from books. 

Under the tutelage of famed master metalsmith, educator and author, Heikki Seppa, Good was introduced to a new metalsmithing vocabulary, and began exploring form with direct metal techniques. Good subsequently developed a signature style called “anticlastic raising”, which has come to define his jewelry and sculptures as light, flexible and incredibly fluid.  Good has since won several prestigious awards, including Intergold, Diamonds Today, and Diamonds International.


Aaron Faber Gallery presents:

An Afternoon with Michael Good
Saturday, May 18, 2013
2pm - 5pm

Meet Michael Good at Aaron Faber Gallery on Saturday, May 18th for a reception and lecture as the famed jeweler discusses his life, his work and his upcoming sold-out workshop at the 92nd Street Y.


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the exhibition munsteiner book signing michael good  

Aaron Faber Gallery presents:

an exhibition exploring the striking works of five legendary international jewelry artists known for their sculptural aesthetic, vivid color machination, and dynamic gem play.


Munsteiner: The Young Generation Tom + Jutta Munsteiner by Wilhelm Lindemann

Book Signing hosted by Jutta, Tom and Bernd Munsteiner


An Afternoon with Michael Good:

a reception and lecture with the famed jeweler, where Good will discuss his life, his work and his upcoming sold-out workshop at the 92nd Street Y.


“Dramatic Jewelry: The 5 Masters”


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